The Rolling Pen began as a cottage bakery and local market stand. I had the privilege of meeting beautiful people, from the vendors and farmers who loved the land and their craft, to the customers who shared conversations ranging from childhood memories to their plans for dinner that night. It was, as some of the best things in life are,  a great example of how nature, story, art and community are truly woven together.

That’s what this blog will cover; the conversations we have, the art we appreciate, the books we read, and the stories that make up our lives. This blog frequently uses art by local artists, like my mother, J. Stewart who still paints today, just like she has for many years.

I graduated from Wright State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Communications. I have written articles for local papers, poems and essays for magazines, and curriculum material for classrooms. I don’t remember a day when my life was not made better by nature, story and art.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit. My name is Rebecca.

(The material on this blog is subject to copyright laws. I would be honored if you want to share any of it, but please give me credit. I will always do the same for any material I share that I did not create.)