Moss and coffee thoughts

IMG_4064Photo taken in 2017, when Butterfly Weed bloomed.

We had a bit of an ice storm last night, because in the Midwest, March can act like that, even when spring flowers are blooming. This morning when I looked out the kitchen window icicles were hanging from bare branches that just yesterday were seemingly waking from winter and stretching for spring. This morning icicles drip, nature’s irrigation, and the sun is shining so brightly I can nearly see right through the ice. Cold water, drop by drop, onto the greening grass.

There is a stump that we left on purpose as we cut the old Japanese Pine down to knee-high last year. We didn’t want to bring it down, but I had to be done. It ended up feeding a fire that smelled of the earth.

The stump has moss growing on it now. The moss is growing out into the bare area underneath the honeysuckle tree. This is a small garden where we were lucky enough to see the Butterfly Weed grow, last year. It’s fun to try to fit parts of a forest in this small space. So, a bit of moss is important. And I love that. It also makes me think of beer because moss loves a concoction like that.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you!

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